New v4

CNC Mechanism Combination

* 3K carbon fiber frame with realistic eagle shape.
* Front tip are constructed with 3 layered carbon fiber support plates to increase durability in a head first crash ( Tip Protective Plate ).
* 4mm carbon fiber rod for wing's spar attached and secured to a CNC our new upgraded quick lock ( T-6 Aluminum Cnc Spar Slotted ).
* The removable wing has an open end to allow easy removal from the main spar & all had upgraded to the new Stitching wingspan.
* A double ball linkage is used to attach the spar to the main gear for easier maintenance.
* Tail supported by twin Carbon Fiber plates, twin spacers and 2x side mounting for push-rod. (Tail Servo Hinge Plates).
* The tail is attached to the directional control (aileron) servo with a CNC machined connector. (Back Tail Cnc Alu Holder).

The new update V4 (3K) Carbon Fiber  fuselage, with up to approximately 1.3m to 1.5m in 3 sizes design wing shape & printable wing span or custom printing.
Plug and fly ( PNF ) kit with minimal assembly required:* 2S 1000mah to 1800mah lipo battery. Min 3 channel radio system (TX).

Package contains:
* 90% pre-assembled.
* High kv brushless motor.
* 30A ESC.
* 2 x 9G MG servo, pre-install.
* Wing span & back tail with selected color.

* Wing span approximately 1.3m or 1.4m. 

* Full size fuselage with tail 0.8m

Flyer Video Clips
Written by CondeDraco 
The Full Carbon Orni Kit & Butterfly

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